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I was beginning to question my “it’ll all get better in a couple of days” attitude and started to think “what if it got worse?

” I started racking my brain for something that I could possibly do to help by my emotions were torn.

I live south of where the damage was the worst and many signs of the earthquake still remain so I know it is going to take a while for this nation to recover.

I would love to move forward from this, but it’s hard to know how to act after a natural disaster.

Even though it’s I’m still scared because earthquakes are unpredictable and could happen where I live, it makes me feel better to know that I am helping someone who survived through everything I couldn’t believe I was seeing and hearing on TV.

I want the people who have suffered to feel a little more comfortable after all that they have been through with the earthquake and tsunami.She gathered water, candles, batteries, flashlights, canned food and other items.I knew it was “just in case” but it was all beginning to sink in; the footage from up north, the nuclear problems, the power outages, the never ending aftershock earthquakes, and the preparations.I wished I could just go up north to help everyone myself, but I knew very well that right now the Japanese government is doing the best they can with everything.I also heard that people around the world were sending money in to help and knew that was the best way to get people the help they needed the fastest. I realized that not many people knew what to do during the earthquake (such as find shelter under a table if indoors, and to stay in open ground away from buildings if outdoors) so I decided to start an earthquake awareness program at our school.We have put on a school supply drive for children in Afghanistan and a book drive for the Naval Hospital, sent Valentines and care packages to troops in the Middle East and even planned events with the Youth Group at the Japanese Red Cross like handing out holiday cards to service members.

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