Consolidating multiple service desks Flirten in mv sexy kostenloser flatchat

In our recent research, more than half of the respondents were currently supporting multiple Service Desks or planning to do so.Uprooting one or more of these operations would achieve the greatest cost savings.

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Research also shows that there is a need for multi-language support and a smaller, but growing interest in financial metrics for the Service Desk (44%).

One significant approach to reducing costs in the Service Desk is to consolidate the operations and solutions used by multiple Service Desks.

Some of the ways that this plays out are: Cost reduction and more effective use of the Service Desk does not by any means equate to abandoning the traditional Service Desk.

At the top of the list of management goals for the enterprise is improving customer satisfaction (82%), followed by process deployment (72%), and then cost reduction (70%).

This process was made smoother by integrating the multiple perspectives and concerns of those affected by the change.

The help of a staff development specialist, team building exercises, small cross-functional working groups, and provisions for cross training were all built into the process.

The Service Desk now looks much more like a hub of service management activity, touching on asset management, Configuration Management Systems, Change Management, Knowledge Management and more.

IT managers and support personnel put it in more direct terms as did this recent EMA research participant: The service desk has a greater view/responsibility/control of the operations of an IT organization, and more greatly the company (business entity) as a whole.

Any and all of them will position IT for greater growth when budget dollars are easier to come by.

The groundwork will be in place to take advantage of it.

Help desks are predominately responsible for responding to incident/problem management, and serves as a function of a service desk.

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