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The second biggest complaint is about high-pressure sales tactics. One of the biggest problems is individuals who felt they were tricked into a subscription, most commonly because they joined what they thought was a free service, and found that to use it properly they had to pay a fee.Dating Direct, for example, advertises itself as free to join, but as Graham Brooke, a 40-year-old manager from the Midlands, says: "I went through the whole process of signing up and finding people I might want to get in touch with, only to discover I'd have to pay before I could send or open any messages.Dont touch BE2 I have had bad experience they said I had signed up for a month trial with them but I did not I signed up for a free month trial some time ago and then I discovered they had not only taken £5.00 out of my account but a further £159.00 for ongoing subscription.

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The most common criticism is something these sites can't really be blamed for: bad matches.

This isn't a huge shock given that the You Gov pollsters found 9% of people lied about their age and 7% about their weight, and that 64% of women agree with the statement that "some of the people who do it are strange". But in some instances, this goes beyond the little white lie to orchestrated, malevolent scams. They strike up a seemingly innocent relationship, and after they have drawn you in, they start asking for money.

Faye Meadows, a 26-year-old website owner from London, hit a dry dating patch over the summer and decided to give online dating a go.

She signed up with but says after the first month, "for many reasons, I decided it wasn't for me". She explains: "When I looked at my bank account, I realised I'd already been charged £34.99 for another month, and to add insult to injury it had sent me overdrawn." She admits that the company hadn't actually done anything wrong: "doesn't hide the fact that it automatically renews, it's there in the small print, but I had forgotten and I didn't get an email letting me know the renewal date was coming up." Whether it's the legal but unpopular sales techniques, or the illegal criminal activity, there are plenty of ways in which online dating can be dangerous and expensive.

Most people have left a digital footprint somewhere, so be wary of anyone you cannot find.

Dating websites get in on the act But you don't need to fall victim to a scam in order to be ripped off by the process of finding love online.

DONT TOUCH THESE TRIALS I've been victim of such scam once.

A girl made me convince that she needed some money to buy a prom dress, I lended her about 200£ but she started asking me more frequently for different reasons.

We both emailed independantly to FRD, to complain about the breach of data protection. FRD maintain on the site that they will respond within 48 working hours to members emails. However they continue to send emails regarding potential 'matches' and also to remind me about my membership status.

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