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Add to that Championship League Darts in 2010 and a host of titles on the PDC Pro Tour, and you can see why Wade is so highly regarded.

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Happy, healthy, married and continuing to throw top quality darts.

He is ready to add to his list of big titles and will continue to chase "the one that really matters" - the World Championship.

It set him course to win the Masters a few months later.

But his fight against depression has won him a lot of respect and support.

That's why it was extra special when in the summer of 2011, he was rewarded with a 6th ‘Major’ PDC title, when he won the UK Open Finals at Bolton for a second time.

The tears of joy and relief that came with his victory in the final over Wes Newton at the Reebok told their own story….a story of a brave struggle against illness, a stint in The Priory Clinic, but a steely determination to come out the other side as a better person and a better darts player.

Those seven ‘Major’ titles are all well and good – but that isn’t close to being enough for THE best left-hander in the world of darts…wants to be No.1 and he wants to be crowned World Champion.

Remember after months of struggles in 2010, he put some of the bad times behind him, to win two big titles in less than a week, against the backdrop of his health issues – problems that nobody really knew the extent of.

"One of my worst ever performances', was the honest Wade assessment. The victory at The Masters in Scotland epitomised the Wade spirit, fight and determination.

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