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I caps-locked NICE there because Beth Fantaskey (the author) seemed to have a pretty big hate-on for the adjective.

There was also a random scene in the book where the big, bad, scary vampires were sucking..that slurping and licking blood from raw steaks in a fancy restaurant... I think that scene was meant to disgust the reader, not break them out in peels of laughter, but it was just that dumb.

Furthermore, their relationship is tumultuous; Jessica doesn't like Lucius, even thinks he's crazy. And it's very hard for me to LOVE a book-I can like most books but I really love just a few, and this is one!

His opinion of her changes from wooing to mockery, back and fourth. What I appreciate about Lucius is his discouraging Jessica from dieting, no doubt because he was raised outside the states so his idea of beauty is much different from what she understands. I really hope that there's a sequel because They seem to have cut it short, and I'd love to read more of Lucius and Jessica! It seemed like this whole plot was taken out of other books.

" because it usually has no relation besides vampires and romance.

This book certainly has that, but there's a lot more involvement besides the two main characters interacting.

Twilight would be a semi-similar book that readers may enjoy reading.

I believe that females of ages 12 and above would enjoy reading this book.

Lucius decides to cheat on Jessica for a sort-of fathomable, but not really forgivable reason.

Now the book started off well enough, light-hearted and funny, and then it went downhill pretty fast when the tone became more serious.

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