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When they do, you have to pause between letters, making those words annoying to type.What English word has the most consecutive letters on the same key?

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I use one of those old phones where you type with numbers—for example, to type "Y", you press 9 three times.

Some words have consecutive letters on the same number.

Often the fingers on my left hand cross the borders of Yhn and sometimes the fingers on my right hand claim keys out of their league too. " (no quotes) using only my left hand, and "You look upon my mom in Honolulu." (with or without quotes) using only my right hand. Also, the top row definitely does not contain the comma or period.* - the right-hand one is easier because I get to use the backspace!

Though I have to admit that only my left hand is involved in typing the left-handed sentences in the what-if.

Most of them didn't taste good, but a few were awesome.

Dedra was upset when the ferrets pooped out (pun intended) because some people really wanted to buy their desserts.

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At first I wondered why he didn't include any words from just the bottom row.

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